UPF 150

fixed louvers UPF-150

The UPF-150 blinds are the original product in the UPF range. They consist of wide fixed slats,   Available at various angles, with the possibility of having their slats perforated. With best quality components, they stand as a great option for façades design, due to the opportunities that offer in combination with the UPO-150 and the UPR-150, forming part of an integrated system of sunscreen and unique enclosure in their type. The quality of the design, and its click-on system are the hallmarks of a product designed to last.

Materials and finishings

UMBELCO patented aluminium louvers model UPF-150, consisting of 150×23 mm double reflection surface slats, supported by pre-punched extruded aluminium profiles in its exact inclination and pitch. Slats produced from continuous painted aluminium band (by COIL COATING process), high weather resistance by  salted fog test (more than 400 hours in WEISS SSC 450 chamber ). Even pp direct fastening, assembly and cleaning.


Aluminium, 5.9 inches wide, “S” shaped, fixed louvers with aluminium square pre-punched brackets, at its exact inclination (25º,45º, 60º and 90º as standard), with our patented screws-less click-on clipping system. Standard colours are RAL9006, RAL9010, RAL7012 and RAL1015, but any other RAL colour is possible under request, even with one colour per side of the slat.


The UPF-150 slats can be perforated or in two different colours (one on the inside of the slat and one on the outside), and installed horizontal, vertical, or in canopy position. The louvers can be framed, and the frames can be fixed, sliding, hinged, and vertical or horizontal foldable.

fixed louvers | UPF 150


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