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Why in the world of lattices does being a manufacturer matter?

Umbelco designs and manufactures its products from scratch. We design all of our products, focusing on what we believe really matters – functionality, strength and efficiency. Therefore, we choose what is manufactured, and what is the best way to manufacture it.

Once we have achieved the first part, we can focus on aesthetics, and how our products can improve the aesthetics of buildings, while offering them unmatched sun protection functionality.

There are other ways of doing things, but this is our way, and it has proven to work.


The prestige of naming things well done after you

Umbelco revolves around quality and service. Our team strives every day to offer new solutions to problems, and to do their best to make things better. That is why we are proud that our products carry our name prominently. It is a reflection of our commitment to our customers, from the beginning to the end of the product’s useful life.

If you can read our name, you can find us. Umbelco offers component supply service for all our products, no matter how long they have been in service. This is how we thank our customers for their trust in our company vision.

Over 25 years of experience, hundreds of successful projects

We were born when communication was fixed and we drew on paper. We lived through the beginning of mobile communication, the birth and death of the fax, the beginnings of the Internet, and computer drawing. We have seen construction change to adapt and become more efficient every day. During all these years, we have changed. Now, we are better.

We are not only better because of us. We are better because of those around us. For the schools that the louvers bring closer to education 4.0, for the energy savings in homes with louvers, and for the solar protection that provides shade and privacy in healthcare centers. 25 years later, our products are still providing service.

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The work of a team, and the technique behind it

Doing things our way would be meaningless without the conviction that it is the right thing to do. Therefore, our technical base is the key behind the project. We have more than 30 product patents, production means and technical solutions, which prove a real R&D activity.

And with those patents, we go to the lab to test that the added value of the product has real-world application. Therefore, we have more than 20 component, product and sample tests to prove that our products have tangible technical value.

We have also certified our systems through ISO 9001, the RSA corporate social responsibility program, and we have the ISSOP seal for sustainable innovation without planned obsolescence.

Efficient and sustainable trusses, the only possible focus in the long term

Profiling is a cold forming system that does not require fossil fuels and achieves input-output ratios of over 95%. This means that our slats generate hardly any waste, and that we can (and do) manufacture using our own renewable energy sources. The aluminum from which we manufacture our lattices is mostly of recycled origin, and we actively participate in the revaluation of waste from our process for recycling.

If we add to this that louvers are passive energy-saving elementsBy reducing the solar energy load on other elements, such as windows, without the need for electricity consumption and by reducing the greenhouse effect of glazed areas, we can establish a clear link between our louvers and the improvement of the energy efficiency of buildings.

They have trusted Umbelco


We will help you in every possible way

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