Metal Lattices

Metal louvred trusses are the most popular solutions in construction, for good reasons. Combine large technical advantagesThe company’s products, such as strength and durability, with other benefits such as its wide range of availability at the industrial level and its ease of machiningbeing, in addition of the most sustainable raw materialsthanks to its recycled origin and its recovery rate, which prolongs its useful life practically infinitely.

Our range of metal lattices comprises four materials: aluminum, steel, zinc and copper, of which both aluminum and steel are supplied lacquered in RAL colors, and zinc and copper are supplied in natural or pigmented finishes.

is characterized by a balance between strength, durability, delivery time and price. It is the most versatile and popular range.

is offered for our large trusses to bring strength, economy and striking design to projects.

is a living metal that evolves over time. It has excellent durability and resistance, at medium-high economic levels.

is a semi-noble metal, with an incredible aesthetic evolution. Excellent durability and resistance at high economic levels.

Materials available for our metal lattice girders

Aluminum Trusses


Steel Trusses


Zinc Trusses


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Copper Trusses


Our range of metal lattices

Thanks to our profiling manufacturing systems, we are able to obtain aluminum, steel, corten steel, zinc and copper louvers on our traditional shapes, thus offering one of the widest product ranges available in the market.

Our range of
aluminum metal louvers is the basis
is the basis on which we build our offer. It has a wide range of fixed louvers and adjustable louvers, ranging from 35mm to 600mm wide, and is supplied in all cases lacquered in a color from the RAL color chart. This material offers options such as perforated louvers, louvers with one side of each color or a combination of products with the same exterior appearance.

Our range of
steel lattice trusses
covers large format trusses, with sections of 350, 480 and 600mmwide, as well as the UPB-270 flat tray system. As standard, they are offered lacquered in colors from the Aceralia range, although they can be supplied in direct galvanized finish upon request. This material offers the options of perforated slats and slats with one side of each color.

Our range of zinc and copper metal lattices
are offered in a selection of fixed louvers and adjustable louvers, with special reinforcement in the 150mm, 250mm and 350mm range. In both cases, they are offered in natural finish, and in the case of zinc, special finishes with pigments are also available. These materials allow the options of perforated slats, and combination of products with the same exterior appearance.

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