Phenolic Lattices

Phenolic resins or HPL are laminated boards made up of a core composed of high strength resins, which by means of high pressure systems are joined to sheets, which can be made of multiple materials, including natural wood. These panels are frequently used as ventilated facade systems due to their thermal insulation properties, weather resistance and design possibilities.

celosias de lamas fenolico umbelco
celosias de lamas fenolico fachada umbelco

Phenolic Lama Lattices

With the incorporation of this material to our range of lattices, we facilitate the integration of solar protections in phenolic facades, maintaining an aesthetic uniformity and providing a tangible functionality.

We have a very versatile range, specifically adapted for a wide range of slat sizes, sections and thicknesses, ready to provide technical solutions both for small format modules and for the enclosure of large spans.

What are phenolics?

These lamellae are the ones that provide their characteristic colors, in contrast to the color, usually black, of the core.

The base material for our lattices is supplied in flat format, in the form of panels of various sizes and thicknesses, to be machined in a similar way to the machining systems used for wood, which is combined with the resins to form the core. The range of exterior finishes we offer covers an infinite range of solid colors, rough textured finishes, volume finishes, natural wood slats and even 100% customizable designs, thus configuring a very versatile range of lattices.

celosias de lamas de fenolico marca umbelco
celosias de lamas de fenolico marca umbelco

Phenolic resins and their application to lattices

The phenolic louvers are a relatively new solution, developed specifically for unique projects, which stands out for its thermal insulation capabilities, ease of machining and strength. Fixed louvred louvers are used as an efficient light screening system, while adjustable louvred louvres add dynamism to the aesthetics of buildings in addition to solar protection. In both cases, the integration between these lattice systems and the pre-designed phenolic facades can be done through various systems already developed or even through the design and manufacture of specific systems.

Given the possibilities of mechanization and the enormous range of finishes that it accepts, phenolics have become a sustainable and efficient way of providing new levels of customization to building openings, since in addition to the possibilities of the rest of the range of louvers we manufacture, UPC type louvers offer the possibility of asymmetrical slats, with special milling at any point of the slat, or different sections and slat thicknesses combined.

Our range of UPC lattices

Umbelco designs and produces various fixed and adjustable phenolic panel lattice systems. With our own engineering work and integral solutions from the fasteners to the installed trusses, we have a versatile, wide and functional range of products that stand out for their durability and efficiency, factors in which we contribute our experience in the sector, to offer products well above the existing standard in the market.

With an experienced team, a list of projects as a guarantee and a complete range of products, we offer a real solution to the challenge of integrating an avant-garde, personal and functional system in the total of a project. Our experience in fixed louvers, and the successes achieved with our range of adjustable louvers, place us in the front line to develop the most demanding projects.

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