UPO 480 FE

Steel adjustable louvers with large blades, model UPO-480-FE

UPO-480-FE steel adjustable louvers are the intermediate size in our range of aircraft wing louvers. They combine the attractive double teardrop design of the slat with its high quality components to offer an innovative product in the sunscreen market. They are a very popular product in representative projects of both public and private client oriented architecture, where both their impressive aesthetics and their efficiency in the quality-price ratio are valued.

Description for projects

UMBELCO type steel slats model UPO-480-FE, with maximum resistance classification PV4 according to the UNE 85-226-87 and UNE 85-227-87 standards and manufactured in galvanized steel strip and continuously painted (COIL-COATING process), with high resistance to weathering. End ends of slats in PA 6 (nylon) of high resistance. Aluminum shafts with a minimum diameter of 12 mm and housed in an extruded aluminum support structure L-6063 with anodized or lacquered T5 treatment.

It is available in Pyrenees White and Silver Metallic, with the option of other colors from the Aceralia range depending on volume (please consult). It is also available with interior colors different from the exterior ones.


The UPO-480-FE louvers have overlapping steel slats with a tapered shape, 480 mm wide and 96 mm thick, with end terminations in polyamide 6 (nylon) of maximum impact resistance, incorporating aluminum pivot shafts. The assembly is mounted on an extruded aluminum tubular frame with aluminum crescent.


The slats can be horizontal, vertical or combined. The frames can be sliding, hinged or lifting.


Frequently Asked Questions

Can UPO-480-FE be installed with horizontal / vertical blades?

Yes, the UPO-480-FE can be installed horizontally or vertically.

What drive options are available for this lattice?

In spite of their size, UPO-480-FE louvers support all standard manual drive types, in addition to motorization options.

Contact us for our recommendations.

What is the maximum length of UPO-480-FE blades?

The UPO-480-FE slats can be up to 450 cm long in one piece, both vertically and horizontally.
In special projects, we can extend this length. Contact us for more information.

On what type of frames can I mount this lattice?

UPO-480-FE are usually installed on closed perimeter frames made of 50x50mm aluminum tubing. Optionally, it can be supplied in other tube sections, other materials, or without the part of the frame that runs parallel to the slats.

I want an access area with these adjustable slats, is it possible?

Yes. This lattice can be mounted on movable frames, such as hinged doors, sliding frames, lift-and-slide doors, or even folding systems, although it is important to take into account the dimensions of the slats when they are open.

I have doubts about the anchors, how can I solve it?

Properly fastening a truss is important. Therefore, the best answer is to
contact our technicians
and shortly, you will have a specific answer for your project.

My project does not meet any of the prerequisites, what can I do?

If the maximum length of the slats is not met or you need special fasteners,
send us information about your project
and we will advise you about the specific solutions for your project.

Where can I get details in CAD format?

Contact with us
. Our prescription department will send you the details shortly.

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