Wooden Latticework

Wooden lattices are composed of a reference material in construction. Whether for its excellent strength-to-weight ratio, its insulation capabilities or its durability, it is a highly efficient and sustainable technical solution, which additionally provides unparalleled warmth and aesthetics.

Celosías orientables madera accionamiento manual
lamas orientables de madera para protección solar.

Wooden slat trusses for professionals

Wood slat louvers are a different option to those available in the rest of our range. While our metal louvers strive for technical excellence, with a balance between durability and cost, our wood slat louvers focus on taking advantage of the aesthetic benefits that wood design can offer.

Within the wooden lattices, we offer a wide range of woods, both natural and technical, in a wide range of systems, either with fixed louversin slats or slats, or with adjustable louvers (in various forms and sections), but always with top-quality materials and respect for the environment certified.

Wooden louvred trusses: Our foundation

For wood slat lattices, the most relevant technical factors in the selection of the basic material are the quality of the batch, its resistance to weathering and the frequency of maintenance.

The quality of the wood is determined by the number of defects and knots in the material. Since it is an organic raw material, it is normal that it does not have an aesthetic uniformity, but the lesser the imperfections, the higher the quality of the lattice.

Weather resistance is determined by several factors, such as moisture resistance, dimensional stability and surface treatments. The better the values of these factors, the greater the separation between maintenance and product life.

Finally, the factor that receives the least attention, but which is fundamental for the end user of the product, maintenance. Understood as the tasks to be carried out during the life of the trusses, aimed not only at keeping the wood mechanically functional, but also at preserving its original appearance.

Our wooden slatted shutters: The UPM range

Our wooden louvers for solar protection are divided into two classes. Fixed louvred louvers and movable louvred louvres.


The most popular (but not the only ones available) fixed louvers are square-section louvers with a clear space between slats. These systems can be incorporated in fixed, hinged or sliding frames, and bring a modern design to projects. Although there are many sizes available, we usually recommend square section slats, around 40mm, as they offer a good balance between functionality, design and price.


Moving slat louvers have a strong traditional component. Although metal louvers offer better technical characteristics, and sometimes even a better price, they can never match the aesthetics and feel of a wooden louver. We have a wide range of sizes, but we recommend the large slats, with sections from 150mm wide, for their balance between strength, aesthetics and efficiency.

Frequently Asked Questions:


Is wood a sustainable and responsible material?

Yes. Not only is it a sustainable material in its production, but it also actively collaborates in reducing the amount of Co2 in the atmosphere. In addition, Umbelco only works with FSC and PEFC certified sustainable wood.


Is it a cheap material?

Good quality, certified sourced, sustainable and aesthetically appealing wood lattices do not come cheap. Of the others, we simply do not manufacture.


Maintenance: What am I facing?

This factor depends very much on the type of wood, its exposure to the weather, and the aggressiveness of the environment, but they are usually annual processes that may involve sanding the surface and/or the application of varnishes or oils.


Is there such a thing as a maintenance-free natural wood lattice?

Generally speaking, as long as you want to maintain the original aesthetics of the wood in the long term, it is necessary to maintain it. The frequency and type of maintenance will depend largely on the type of wood used, the location of the project and the treatments applied to the wood.


What if I want a material that evolves over time?

There are industrially treated woods that reduce maintenance at the expense of traditional wood aesthetics. These materials will maintain their functionality, but their aesthetics will change, usually to grayer shades. Our sales technicians can advise you on the selection of the most suitable materials.


I don’t want/can’t do maintenance, but I still want a sun protection system. What are my alternatives?

other materials
. Although wood louvers are a very attractive option, the need for maintenance is a long-term commitment.


I have a design for my private home. Can Umbelco manufacture it for me?

Unfortunately, no. Minimum wood orders imply high costs. We only offer this service to professionals, in projects in which we have collaborated during the design phase, with surfaces of 300 m² or more.


Can I make the lattices out of any type of wood?

The raw material options are very broad, but not infinite, and must always be within our high sustainability criteria. Additionally, to improve the efficiency of our manufacturing process, we have a reduced range of materials, which condense the woods with the most advantageous characteristics.

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