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Louvered trusses: What are they and what are they used for?


Louvred louvers are devices installed in exteriors whose main function is to protect from direct sunlight, while allowing the passage of reflected natural light. Due to their placement on the facade and the aesthetic options available, they have become an excellent ally of avant-garde and sustainable architecture.

Types of louvred lattices by material

Today’s lattices, thanks to the availability of high quality materials, can be offered in many materials. The most common are metals, which add significant advantages in durability, strength, availability and design possibilities, at very competitive price ranges. Among them, aluminum is the most prominent, followed by steel, zinc and finally copper.

Additionally, our range offers other non-metallic materials, such as glass, phenolic resins or wood, which without being as technically advantageous as metals, provide important advantages in the design factor, and are a good option for the most modern architectural projects, either as an accent of this modernity, or as a counterpoint.

Fixed louvers and movable louvers: when to choose them


In addition to the material of which they are composed, louvers are divided into two groups, fixed louvers and movable louvers. Here we will explain what they are and when to choose one over the other:

Fixed slats

fixed louvred louvres
are solar protection systems in which the elements designed to reflect sunlight cannot be adjusted, remaining at the same inclination throughout the day. These systems are perfectly suitable for many functions, such as concealing views, enclosing machine rooms, and even solar protection of windows, if a specific study has been made of their location and inclination, for example in overhangs.

Adjustable slats

adjustable louvre louvres
are an evolution of the previous case, in which the louvers that compose the louver allow a variation of their inclination. In this way, the user can increase or reduce the passage of natural light, avoiding glare throughout the day. As a general criterion, we recommend adjustable louvers whenever there are users in the rooms to be protected, although thanks to being more advanced products and allowing longer slat lengths, they can replace fixed louvers in some circumstances, reducing costs in auxiliary structures or simply providing additional aesthetic value.

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